Marketing Writer and Social Media Specialist

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Market Motive
Marketing Writer and Social Media Specialist - Marketing Writer and Social Media Specialist
This is number one: You need to be a great writer.
You have to have typo radar. You're that person who looks at a page of text and instantly sees the misspelled word everyone else missed. It's a sickness for you. And you can't turn it off.
You need to be able to write in a variety of voices: from straight up business speak to conversational social and anything in between.
You need to know how to research, compile, organize, and present sometimes complicated information in an accessible way.
And you need to write fast and still write great stuff. Go from rough draft through almost-ready-to-publish lickety-split.
If you have actual experience with direct-response marketing, but can temper it for a more traditional audience, great.
Research comes second nature to you; crafting a search query to get the info you need is like breathing. All your friends ask you to Google for them because you're just that good.
You need to know keyboard shortcuts that maximize your efficiency while writing.
And you especially need to be comfortable using Google's Drive, Docs, Sheets, and all that that implies.
If we say "copy the URL from the address bar and paste it into the gDoc, then strip out the UTMs and unnecessary parameters" you should know what that means and be comfortable doing it.
You need to be moderately confident with the concepts of marketing (don't worry, we've got loads of training materials to help you become awesome.)
Do you know what a buying funnel is?
Can you explain the difference between a feature and a benefit?
Can you define a Call To Action (CTA), or Scent?
Do the words "persona" or "avatar" resonate?
If you already know these things, or can make an educated guess, or are willing to learn them, we're going to get along just fine.
This is not a requirement, but if you've built and managed your own YouTube channel, and you've built playlists and used annotations and cards, awesome.
Sometimes you'll have to get on a phone call to do an interview, or talk about customer experiences, or help develop a marketing partnership. You should be okay with that.
A familiarity with -- or a willingness to become familiar with -- these things is pretty important.
Hootsuite and Buffer
Using a tool like Hootsuite and/or Buffer to manage multiple social accounts will give you a head start.
Pinterest, Periscope, and whatever comes next.
If you're familiar with any other social channels, it'll probably come in handy.
How would you like to be a part of the marketing team for a small, entrepreneurial, local company, who's now a subisidiary of a successful International company with room to grow?
A company whose mission is to help working professionals get the training they need to earn the certifications that will grow their careers?
You'll be working directly with the Marketing Manager, handling our social media presence and managing Facebook and LinkedIn groups, helping us build our audience, encouraging engagement and amplification, and creating relationships.
You'll be writing. A lot. Social content. Facebook updates. Tweets. Blog posts. White papers. Marketing emails. Articles for publications. Ebooks. Website copy. Product descriptions. Sales collateral. And whatever else comes up.
If you think of yourself as a storyteller, you might be our marketer. Because what we do is think about all of our content in the context of story; from headlines to button names.
We create content that focuses on success stories, and helping our audience to envision how their lives and careers will be improved with our products and services.
And we develop email campaigns that inspire the reader to take action.
Sound fun? Read on.
Simplilearn subsidiary Market Motive is a Scotts Valley-based publisher of online certification courses. Together we have over 500 employees worldwide and our customers include top universities, leading agencies, the Fortune 1,000, and hundreds of thousands of working professionals. We are growing over 200% year on year and having fun doing it.

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